Demo Code
Created by cubetube on May 29, 2015
These are the demos that ship with the cubes in Summer 2015, includin...
billmarrs said

Thanks for posting the source code for this. I'm sure I can learn a lot from it.

wmoecke said

this is a test.

wmoecke said

this is another test.

wmoecke said

aaaaand, yet another test after reloading cubetube from server

Mcgregor said

Awesome!!! This is a really great program and you can learn a lot from it!

ross123540 said

There is an error in this, when your on the rainbow spiral and its traversing from bottom to top.

VaishaliMasal said

while uploading this code on Arduino uno board it give lots of errors

Bommel said

Great show!

Retrograded said

My cube has no demo and sending this to the cube just leads to an endless Compiling. Yes, I have a slow pulsing Cyan LED. I"m assuming that the cube is dead along with this company. Am I wrong?

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